specialists in agile and advanced IT management and IT governance systems for complex business and IT landscapes
specialists in agile and advanced IT management and IT governance systems for complex business and IT landscapes

The 2017 Turing Lecture

22 February 2017


The major event of the week was the Turing Lecture superbly delivered this year by Dr Guruduth Banavar of IBM on the subject of Watson in a talk entitled ‘Beneficial AI for the Advancement of Humankind’. Introduced using a trailer from the movie “Morgan” and describing AI as the start of the cognitive era, the next revolution, but as the title suggests Dr Banavar on this occasion was presenting the positives of AI. AI we heard will perform the tasks that people don’t do well but given that technology has already removed much routine work perhaps there will soon be little work of any kind – or maybe the nature of work will change.


Perhaps inevitably as in all new technologies people raise the question of ethics and call for legislation and certification, perhaps as a way of adding some protection or if not as a way of delaying or impeding progress. This is worrying when as many of us realise that what is needed to manage AI is the same as what is needed to manage modern business, i.e. a new management and governance solution. Reassuringly Dr Banavar tells us that Watson is unlikely to master sarcasm or humour any time soon :-) so at least we can keep smiling whilst waiting for the management and governance processes to catch up with the needs of the real world.


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