specialists in agile and advanced IT management and IT governance systems for complex business and IT landscapes
specialists in agile and advanced IT management and IT governance systems for complex business and IT landscapes

The pursuit of IT service excellence

ITDYNAMICS™ was founded in 1999 as a management consultancy for 'revitalising software and services organisations'. Our experience and pursuit of service excellence has left a trail of publications and research on 'Business-Focused IT' ultimately leading to improvements in IT management and IT governance methods described by the Cutter IT Journal as "beautiful" and "mind-shifting".  


The business and IT problems associated with IT management and IT governance are the same in all sectors. Clients are typically large enterprises with complex IT demand and supply arrangements, in all sectors. To see the services that we provide to these companies please go to Our Services. To see the sectors in which we have operated, events or publications, etc., please see References. For more information please Contact us.

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